LONGVIEW...RPR's long-awaited second CD is "an album in the old-fashioned sense; meant to be listened to all the way through, in order, the way we all used to love to listen to music".

It's a highly dynamic ensemble of music with songs written by all four band members: three songs each from Beaker Granger, Al Parrish and Rob Ritchie and one from Steve. Two songs originated outside the group; one from Michigan singer-songwriter AnnMarie Rowland and one that Tanglefoot fans might remember as having been written by Joe Grant.

"Longview" is muscular and assertive, at times highly intense, sometimes reflective, often joyous. Above all, it's a celebration of our ability to connect with each other, and with the world around us.

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Trans Atlantic


Our debut album, recorded in Yorkshire, England and Owen Sound, Ontario, and released late in 2013. We're very proud of it and think you'll like it.

At present Trans Atlantic is available only by digital download. Just click the icon below. 


A Song With No Words - A Novel by Rob Ritchie

Upcoming Gigs

  • Oct 18
    Teeswater Town Hall,  Teeswater
  • Nov 14
    Harmony Centre,  Owen Sound
  • Nov 16
    Batstone's Northern Ramble,  Renfrew
  • Mar 21
    Oswego Music Hall,  Oswego
  • Apr 3
    Dewey Decibel Concert Series,  Williamsburg