It's a powerhouse band of contrasts, subtleties, humour, and the agility to go from full rampage to  whisper in a heartbeat.

"This was my first RPR show, and I marvelled at the talent and versatility on stage....Go see RPR the next chance you get." Jesse Wilkinson, Rrampt, April 2017

It's that combination of vigour, poignancy and personality upon which RPR's reputation is built: arresting music, stories, laughter - and some astonishing vocal harmonies.

"Their performance Saturday was a joyous occasion... loud, vibrant and exciting... at times with roaring vigour at others with sparse intensity, creating many moods...songs with great depth, full of humour, pathos and love." The Beat Magazine, Mar 11, 2013

Rob Ritchie (keyboards), Al Parrish (bass) and Steve Ritchie (guitars) were around in the old days when Tanglefoot won Best Vocal Group at the 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Nowdays, with percussionist and singer/songwriter Beaker Granger completing the whole, the focus is broader and the musical palette more varied.

To be sure, the harmonies remain, and so does the energy, the finely-honed songwriting, the penchant for humour and the twinkling eyes.

RPR's debut CD Trans Atlantic is available on our Merch page via digital download from CD Baby and iTunes.

A new CD is due in April of 2018.

CD Baby

R P R: Trans Atlantic

Upcoming Gigs

  • Apr 21
    Hugh's Room,  Toronto
  • May 2
    Red Lion Folk Club,  Birmingham
  • May 4
    Royal British Legion,  Poyton, Stockport
  • May 9
    Irvine Folk Club,  Irvine
  • May 11
    Wessex Acoustic Folk Club,  Blandford Forum