They rocked the folk/roots music scene as the rhythm section of Tanglefoot, a hard-working band with a massive presence and a fanatically loyal following throughout Canada, the US & Britain.

Now Rob Ritchie, Al Parrish and Steve Ritchie, along with percussionist/singer/songwriter Beaker Granger, have re-connected as RPR.  

The new configuration affords the four veteran performers the opportunity to stretch their wings and create a rich and memorable interfusion of music, stories, laughter and reminiscence. It's light and shade, irreverent and poignant, gentle as a whisper and rampantly energetic.

And whether it's an original country song of Al's, Rob's incisive humour, the drop-dead vocal harmonies in a new acapella song or the occasional re-working of an old Tanglefoot tune, all the old chemical energy and impact ...are still there.

RPR's debut CD Trans Atlantic is now available via mail from our Merch Page or via digital download from CD Baby and iTunes.

CD Baby

R P R: Trans Atlantic

Upcoming Gigs

  • Oct 26
    Private Function, 
  • Dec 31
    First Night Oil City,  Oil City
  • Jan 13
    Oswego Music Hall,  Oswego
  • Jan 14
    Pickens Hall,  Heuvelton
  • Feb 9
    Trinity House Theatre,  Livonia